Learn more about Hazelnut Grove

What is Hazelnut Grove?

Hazelnut Grove is a village-style alternative shelter community that’s been operating on city-owned land in the Overlook neighborhood — but without infrastructure like water, sewer and electricity, or a service provider partner — since 2015.

Who lives there?

This village-style community currently serves roughly 12 single adults and people in couples. Hazelnut Grove has a board of advisers, including neighbors and community members who live outside the Grove. It is governed through general assembly meetings; those meetings are open to neighbors to attend.

Residents at Hazelnut Grove have been involved in community work in the Overlook neighborhood, including serving on the Overlook Neighborhood Association’s board. Residents have also built enduring and supportive relationships with nearby neighbors in Overlook that would continue even after a move. Members volunteer in the neighborhood and for the Oregon Food Bank.

How does Hazelnut Grove operate?

Hazelnut Grove’s current site operates with donations, with some facilities and logistical support — such as trash pickup — provided by the City of Portland. Like the city’s three other alternative shelters, Hazelnut Grove’s current site is on city land. But it has been operating without partnership from a service provider and formal city approval.

What is the relationship between Hazelnut Grove and the St. Johns Village?

The St. Johns village is a new, structured program that may include some members of Hazelnut Grove who choose to participate in services provided by Do Good Multnomah.